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Garage Door Maintenance

Why do you need garage door maintenance in Cumberland, ON? The service is preventive. We maintain the door and its opener to assure you of its functionality and safety. Parts wear naturally overtime but they are also affected by the weather. By maintaining your door every year, we take care of any problem which has occurred in between and prepare the door for more cycles during the following year. Why should you depend on the service provided by our Garage Door Repair in Cumberland, Ontario? We are professional technicians with long experience, updated knowledge, and full commitment to our job. Our techs have all the qualifications necessary to fix garage door openers and parts and do so properly for any resident in Cumberland.Garage Door Maintenance Cumberland

We service garage doors down to the smallest detail

When it comes to garage door maintenance, there are many benefits and they are all related to your own safety, comfort, and peace of mind.

  • As we do garage door inspection, we make notice of any damaged part which cannot be fixed properly. Rusty rollers or damaged tracks, for example, might need replacement in order for the door to quiet down and perform better. And so we inform you about it.
  • As we move along checking the door, we can fix any problem with it. If it doesn’t close properly on the floor, we utilize our garage door troubleshooting skills to find out why. And we repair the issue.
  • With regularly maintenance lubrication, parts slide better. The lubricants help them move smoothly and without making noise, which is produced when steel comes in contact with steel. And so parts are also protected from scratches.
  • Garage door adjustment is necessary because the springs might sag from daily use. So we balance the door by adjusting the springs, but also check its movement. If it doesn’t close or open right, we also adjust the settings at the opener.
  • We align parts, tighten all nuts, bolts, and screws, tense the chain, fix the sensors, test the release rope and the reverse system, and make sure the door works just great.

If you have high expectations from a Cumberland garage door maintenance service, contact our company.

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