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Garage Door Cables

If your garage door cables snapped, call us. We replace broken cables in Cumberland, Ontario, as soon as we can. Our company specializes in residential overhead doors and responds quickly when such urgent problems occur. You can count on our technicians carrying new cables with them when they come for services. But you can also contact us if there is any other problem with your Cumberland garage door cables. Did one of them come off? Is its drum rather damaged? Call our techs and let them take care of any problem.Garage Door Cables Cumberland

We provide same day garage door cable repair

Worn garage door cables? That’s not unusual. They carry a heavy burden every single day since they assist springs to elevate the door. Although they are extra strong in order to do this job, they might get frayed overtime. And that’s bad news when it comes to cables. As the spring coils move to open the door, they pull against cables. Spring power is transferred to the cable drum, which pulls the cable. So any problem with the drum or the cable will make door elevation difficult. You can rest assured that our pros at Garage Door Repair Cumberland can fix any cable problem but also replace the supportive parts and the drum.

How will you know there is a problem with the drum or cable? If the garage door cables keep coming off the drum, there is definitely something wrong with either part. There might also be a problem with their installation. So you should always leave any cable repair and installation service to us. After all, if you release the cable tension alone, you might get hurt since the cable is attached to the spring. We offer same day garage door cables replacement. And rest assured the job is done right since our techs will bring the new cable and won’t leave before checking the second cable and leveling the overhead door. Want our help with your garage door cables in Cumberland, ON? Just call us now.

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