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Custom Size Garage Doors

Our company is ready to offer solutions to homeowners who seek custom size garage doors for Cumberland ON projects. We provide garage doors customized to the size requirements of the specific garage along with consultation and installers. If standard double and single garage door sizes don’t align with your specific requirements, our team will provide matching solutions. Be sure. Make sure everything is done correctly and you get quality at all levels, from the measurements and guidance to installation by putting your trust in the hands of our team here at Garage Door Repair Cumberland.

Custom Size Garage Doors Cumberland

Guidance for ideal custom size garage doors in Cumberland

Before we deliver custom size garage doors to Cumberland Ontario customers, we need to understand their needs in terms of dimensions. Chances are high that your garage opening and overall opening have some restrictions and so you need to find a specific size door – one not found on the market. Of course, some people prefer to get custom size garage doors just to get everything they dream of getting regarding insulation, hardware, and features, apart from the right size. Then, you may be in the phase of reconstructing the garage to make room for a car lift or an RV in which cases, you will still need custom size garage doors.

Don’t worry. No matter what your project is, as long as it involves buying and installing custom size garage doors, we are your team.

You get quality custom size garage doors that meet your needs

It all starts with you telling us about your plans and what you need. Then, we appoint a pro to take measurements, provide an estimate, walk you through the process, and explore your requirements. Every step of the way is taken with the demanded precision since there’s no room for mistakes.

Since the needs and expectations differ, we listen to your particular requirements to overdeliver both in terms of solutions and products. The prime goal is to get the right size garage door. Taller or wider – or both taller and wider than the standard sizes – you get a perfect fit for your garage. On top of that, you get tailored solutions regarding garage door material, insulation, hardware, windows, and all things, ensuring complete satisfaction.

Regardless of the size, garage doors are installed correctly

Be sure that no matter how large and heavy, custom size garage doors are perfectly installed. The entire process of custom size garage door installation is carried out by trained techs with the required precision for safety and stability. That’s our commitment to you: professionalism through and through. Everything is accurately done based on your specific needs. If you are ready to discover the possibilities of custom size garage doors, Cumberland pros are prepared to get you started and offer tailored solutions.

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